Landlord’s Peace Of Mind

Home & Away offers landlords knowledge and skills that are unique.

The Director of the company, Lynne Savage, has 20 years experience in Real Estate Property Management, covering all areas of metropolitan Adelaide. For many years she was also a Senior Trainer for The Real Estate Institute of South Australia.


Property Managers handle the day-to-day administration of your property, but rest assured that should you have ANY queries on any matter, you are encouraged to call Lynne, the owner of the business.

From the appraisal of your property through to the business arrangement of managing your property, you can have “peace of mind” that your property is being managed in a personal and professional manner.

Maintenance & Repairs

The importance of maintenance and repairs cannot be understated. Lynne will also let you know of expected future maintenance (e.g., exterior painting), not just repairs that need attention now.
Click here for a Rental Appraisal Request Form to complete to send to Lynne.

For further information please contact Lynne on 0419 833 737 or email and she will respond the same day!